The Greatest Fairy Story Ever Told!

The Ultimate Truth As A Fairy Story!

The secrets of our lost divine being in this delightful, hugely original and beautifully crafted fairy story are guaranteed to change your entire thoughtscape!

Here’s the setting:

A busy medical doctor, knowledgeable about advanced physics and mathematics but also well-versed in the mysteries of shamanism and the occult, meets with a wise but tetchy male fairy on a remote windswept Scottish cliff top and asks for instruction in magical flying.

The fairy is reluctant at first but finally agrees. The drama that unfolds as the doctor struggles to learn a whole new reality and make the necessary shifts of consciousness emerges as a profound, moving, sometimes hilarious, almost scriptural experience, filled with awe and wonder.

The doctor learns much, much more than he bargained for – more than he ever dreamed possible! It all adds up to HOW AND WHY THE UNIVERSE WAS MADE!

This is a book so far beyond the boundaries of present knowledge, you won’t believe it – at first! You’ll dismiss it as fiction. But what is truth? Dare you look it in the face and believe? This is a book that’s so charged with psychic energy that many people report they can feel the force by just touching or holding the book.

Have you ever wondered if stories of magical flying could be really happen? Can humans transcend the constraints of the real world sufficiently to levitate and fly in the mystical, magical, semi-divine sense? Are we fallen angels or gods and goddesses who have lost our powers and cannot find the way back?

If you’ve ever grappled with questions like this, you’ll enjoy this book beyond any you have ever read.

It delivers answers, real answers, not pap and recycled platitudes such as are found in a number of fashionable best-sellers which are supposed to “reveal” great truths – but don’t cut it.

Expand your mind, stretch your beliefs, look into the world beyond and see things you never thought were possible. This book will open your eyes to a wonderful new level of Being.

The Magic Of Scotland

The whole tale is mixed in with accounts of the beauty and magic of a Scottish island, with its violent, war-torn history and wild, blood-curdling music…

The writing is of such depth and breathtaking beauty that one reviewer wrote:

“It makes The Celestine Prophecy read like a bus timetable!”

Here’s another…

“This book chooses you with a call to play with concepts of eternity. Together with our learned and intrepid hero we weave in and out of time and space, the mundane and the fantastical. As we do, our intellect is tantalised and we constantly question what is real and what is imaginary until by the close of the journey both blend inexplicably into one.”


  • the meaning of space
  • the time before time
  • more than one universe and which one rules
  • a talking tree
  • a completely new and unknown physical dimension revealed that everyone has missed
  • a healing loch
  • can you touch a fairy?

You can join in the fun!

  • balance the Earth on the soles of your feet
  • conduct experiments in time travel
  • talk to a rock or tree
  • walk in eternity
  • join in visionary scientific discussion
  • journey outside your body (advanced technique)

These are just some of the magical aspects of this encounter with the Other World you will enjoy, told through the incisive words of a brilliantly trained scientific mind on a quest for deeper knowledge.

Woven into the story are superb compelling descriptions of the wild, beautiful scenery and the bloody history of the Scottish Island of Skye, where, as everyone knows, the fairies can still be found.

You can choose from two different endings, each one with a profound insight into truth and Being!

There are many spiritual development exercises the reader can carry out, without help from a guru, including learning how to travel out of the body.

The author is an internationally-known English physician, who has written several books on alternative and pioneer medicine.

Reader comments:

“Enchanting, beguiling, mind- expanding, magical…. Everything a fairytale should be, complete with heart-stoppingly beautiful descriptions — and one INSISTS, a happy ending!!”

“A brilliant book – it really does shine the light on Real Life and the progression of our souls through learning.”

“Writing of such depth, power and beauty, it makes The Celestine Prophecy read like a bus timetable”

“The magical energy jumped out at me just the moment I even held the book!”

“The production quality is so good- it’s lovely to look at and lovely to hold. But when one opens and begins to read… well, what can I say? I only wish this fairy could appear to us all and offer the benefits of his profound wisdom and spirituality.”

“A masterpiece in the making…” 


220 pages, hard cover, with dust jacket. No illustrations.

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